Becca Pearce

Proper noun
/bɛkə pɪəs/

A software developer currently working in ruby.

i. Coder

After attending a tech for good meetup, I decided to learn to code. So I completed a course at Makers Academy, I started working as a developer at the Ministry of Justice.

Feel free to take a look at my Github.

Ruby is by far my strongest language with Rails and Sinatra frameworks, I also have an understanding of Javascript (with Node), Elixir (with Phoenix) and Python.

ii. Teacher

After University, I took up teaching both English as a foreign language and Latin. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching from working with young children to adults and found it a extremely rewarding experience.

From teaching I improved my communication skills and my ability to take large issues and break them down into simple more manageable chunks, I also learned A LOT of cheesy and catchy children's songs.

iii. Volunteer

I really enjoy voluntary work and putting any useful skills I have to good use. I started with a few voluntary projects while I was in university, until I began volunteering at The Latin Programme. This project stuck with me and I continued to volunteer there until I was offered a position to work there

Another project I have been invovled in is HCPT (Group 42), a charity that works to give children and young people with disabilities from disadvantaged backgrounds a week long holiday in France. This role includes a vast amount of admin work outside the week itself from risk assessments to home visits.

In HCPT Group 42, I have started taking on more positions of responsibility, last year being the group's spiritual leader and this year taking on the lead admin position.